The Method of Bitumen Flashpoint

The Flashpoint of a material is the lowest temperature at which vapor of substance quickly catches fire in the form of flash under definite conditions of the test. So, at this point fire will not last long, just a flash will appear for a fraction of a second. The existence of highly volatile and inflammable materials in a particular grade of bitumen can be indicated by the Flashpoint.

This test is conducted on bitumen to know the safe mixing and application temperature values of a particular bitumen grade.

Procedure to determine the Bitumen Flashpoint:
i) Soften the bitumen between 75 and 100°C. Stir it thoroughly to remove air bubbles and water.
ii) Fill the cup with the material to be tested up to the filling mark. Place it on the bath. Fix the open clip. Insert the thermometer of high or low range as per requirement and also the stirrer, to stir it.
iii) Light the test flame, adjust it. Supply heat at such a rate that the temperature increase, recorded by the thermometer is neither less than 5°C nor more than 6°C per minute.

Active Standard:
🔹️ASTM D92 – 18
🔹️EN ISO 2592

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