How Much Bitumen Used in Road Construction Per Kilometre?

There’s no simple answer to this question. The weather, local climate, makeup of the road base, traffic levels, road type, … are influenced.
The exact type of project should be cleared, asphaltic concrete (asphalt or AC), or a bitumen spray seal.
Referring Asphalt, bitumen content should be finalized. Different construction companies have their method. Approx. 3.5% to 5% bitumen is normal content for road construction. So the first clue how much bitumen is in the mixture of asphalt, then the dimension of the road should be identified (For calculating the volume of bitumen in 1 KM road, Width & thickness is needed). The next step should find out the density of asphalt. For the average can accept 2330 kg/m^3.
Calculation of bitumen quantity in 1 KM road

1) Find out the dimension (Width and thickness)
2) Calculate Volume of Asphalt = (Long * Width * Thickness) m^3
3) Find out the density of Asphalt (2330 or 2450 Kg/m^3)
4) Calculate the quantity of Asphalt= ( Density* Volume) Kg/MTon
5) Find out how much bitumen in the mixture (3.5-5% in Asphalt)
6) Calculate the quantity of bitumen= (Quantity of Asphalt * 3.5 %) Kg/MTon

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